One family. One cause. Two paths...

Sean is struggling to find work and has recently just broken up with his girlfriend. Sinead, his sister, is back home from England. Sean thinks she's changed, she thinks he needs to change. Florie is proud of the two of them but is hiding her own demons.

The Connelly's are reunited in this gripping drama. Marching on Embers tells the story of radicali- sation, the allure of violence and the toxic power of ideas against the backdrop of a fractured Northern Ireland...

'It’s that image of Ireland, the emerald isle, landscapes straight out of a poem, the smell of the bog hanging in the air... a cold pint of the black stuff, three quarters pulled on the old oak bar as the fiddler plays in the corner... it’s the beautiful dream, along with their ugly reality that kills them... it’s dying for something, when you live for nothing.’

Marching On Embers has had a regional tour in Yorkshire and we are looking to take it on a National tour in Spring 2019.

The play proves that some of the very best drama happens outside London.
— Yorkshire Post
If Buglight continue to craft drama and theatre of this calibre, they will undoubtedly continue to speedily ascend as one of Yorkshire’s most exciting new companies. I can’t wait to see what they do next.’
— On Stage
The women are particularly strongly characterised, Maggie Hayes powerfully and sympathetically encompassing the many sides of Florie and Christine Clare radiating intelligent open-mindedness, together with conviction and a sense of tradition, as Sinead.’
— The Reviews Hub