The House Behind The Lines

Directed by Ruth Carney

A play devised and created by the cast & creatives of Buglight Theatre & Written by Lydia Rain

Buglight Theatre invite you to peek inside The House Behind the Lines;a new play devised and scripted from our research into the hidden history of sex workers on the Western Front in World War 1.

Untold numbers of women worked as prostitutes we reveal their seldom heard stories: where male dominated history has written them out, we write them in.

With women heading up the creative team, this war story is all about the ladies, as it should be. Lest they be forgotten…

Recommended for ages 14+

Buglight Theatre has triumphed with this moving production, which gives a much-deserved voice to some of the First World War’s forgotten victims. The Yorkshire-based company are sure to be a national hit before long, as they take on some of our society’s most pressing issues and prove that theatre really can make a difference.
— Forge Press
The House Behind the Lines is a textured, gritty and unapologetic piece of theatre depicting the previously untold stories of women on the front line. Buglight Theatre is an emerging company making bold and compassionate work for new and existing audiences - definitely ones to watch.
— Alison Ford, Square Chapel
A refreshing take on a historical subject that is convincingly performed by the cast. Buglight are ones to watch!
— Sarah Shead, Spin Arts
Buglight’s The House Behind The Lines provides a riveting look into prostituution in the first world war. Dynamically portrayed by this fresh and exciting new company from Yorkshire.
— Ian Morley, The Civic, Barnsley
I loved it; it took me on a journey through a forgotten story that was a real “no man’s land.”
— Jonathan Hall, Script Yorkshire
What’s fantastic about this is that it is an untold story, Im in the business of unexplored territory and this is certainly not a story that I have heard told before
— Allen Jewhurst, Chameleon Television